Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Our Exciting News!

Over Christmas we hosted an orphan from the Philippines in our home for one month.  Her name was Rose and she was 12 years old.  The purpose of hosting an orphan is to just shower them with love, to tell them they are special and worthy, that God loves them, and to show them that someone cares.  And after the month is up, they go back home to their regular life.

We had a wonderful experience with Rose and when it was time to say goodbye, we all cried.  Aaron and I started praying and seeking God's will about the possibility of adopting Rose.  We loved her, she was sweet and full of joy.  But having a one and a four year old, it was scary to think of having a twelve year old, besides the huge amount of money it would cost to adopt from the Philippines- money we don't have.  So we prayed for God to show us his will, and friends prayed for us as well.  And slowly, God started showing us through his word, what he wanted us to do.

In Bible Study Fellowship this year we studied the book of Matthew.  We read about not worrying about what we will eat or drink or wear because God knows what we need and will provide it.  We read about seeking his kingdom first and storing our treasures in heaven, not on earth.  And my heart began to trust that God would provide the finances.

But then I was worried about the time and energy that adding another child to our family would take.  And I worried that I was already drained at times with just my two.  Would I have enough to give to another?  And did I really want to sacrifice the little time I did have?  But then we read in Matthew about taking up our cross because it's in losing our life that we really find it.  And that whoever welcomes a little child in his name welcomes Jesus.

We read the parable of the talents and how one servant buried his talent but another one was faithful with his.  I realized that I've been given talents - as a mother, and how much I want to hear someday, "Well done, good and faithful servant".  And then we read about how when we welcome one of the least of these, we are welcoming Jesus.

So I realized that I had wanted a big sign - a burning bush in my backyard would've been nice, or waking up to manna on my lawn.  But God was speaking to me through his word.  And little by little, each week, my heart was convicted.  At the same time, God was working on Aaron's heart as well, and we both became sure about what we should do.


We are going to have a twelve year old.

just joy

I share this with you not to say how great I am, but how selfish I am.  How difficult it's been for me to obey.  How much I crave an easy and comfortable life, but the Holy Spirit is changing my heart through his word.

If you would like to help us bring Rose home, we would be forever grateful for the piece of the puzzle that you will be in giving Rose a family.  You can see and donate to our fundraiser here:  http://www.youcaring.com/adoption-fundraiser/bringing-rose-home/174965